I’m unstable.

Gary tweeted omg

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Dear Gary, if you think nobody will notice that you’ve Favourited a photo on your twitter account, then you are the silliest dork on earth.

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Howard and Gary playing with Mark’s ears…

This has me thinking very impure thoughts…


Favourite Pictures of Gary Barlow: (44/100)



Im currently obsessed with Gary having a tattoo on his leg  A tattoo that doesnt belong there at all because GARY duh  and thats why the idea is so appealing to me  Am i making sense or

Gary’s not going to mention it, clearly, sitting sipping his coffee with an ‘I bloody DARE you’ glint in his eyes. Jason’s had the good sense to get offside, but not everyone has his sense of self-preservation.
"What the HELL happened?" Mark can barely get the words out for laughing.
Gary glares in response, muttering darkly, “Never go to Vegas with Rob.”
"Well at least you didn’t marry him…" He pauses, looking at Gary with a thoughtful (and evil) glint in his eye. "Did you?!"
The coffee cup hit him perfectly between the eyebrows.
"This was the wedding present!"


let me love you…?????????
you’ve just made my drawing/day x 100000000000000 better
I will never get over the “wedding present” part
The story is that The Bee Gees wrote Back for Good. But I wrote that fucking song in my front room in twenty minutes. I think the tale goes that in return we sang How Deep Is Your Love to revive their career. Gary Barlow (via barlowenisporn)
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I can’t believe they got me an XL shirt and Barlow a Large. That fucking hurts. I don’t want to be the fattest in Take That again. There’s a fat-off between me and him. Robbie Williams (via barlowenisporn)
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Chris Moyles: Robbie Williams has written some of the best pop songs of the last decade.

Rob: You hear that Barlow?

Gary: Aye up? What’s this?

Chris Moyle: ohoho the fights are starting already and I haven’t finished my intro yet. I haven’t finshed my intro yet.

Rob: Oh, right.

Chris Moyles: and Gary Barlow has written some of the best pop songs…

Rob: Yeah?

Chris Moyles: over the last decade.

Gary: Oh alright.

Rob: Hang on a minute, I wrote the middle eight in Sure.

*Gary and Rob laugh*

Chris: Did you really?

Rob: Yeah I did me and Mark.

Chris Moyles: That’s the best bit.

Rob: -sings- Holdin’ bleedin’ touchin’ squeezin’ For your love!

Chris Moyles: That’s the best bit.

Gary: It took two of them to write a middle eight.

Rob: Yeah.

Chris Moyles: Oh stop it now. Now we know why you fell out.

*Both laugh*

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